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Research 2 Market & Strategy

Business Strategy

It is important to understand design and execute based on how the company will achieve its goals, meet the expectations of its customers and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS works to analyse the structure of these programmes carefully to attract the attention of the target customers and to strengthen the brand and desired image.

Research 2 Market

Market uptake from innovative products and services will always be challenging. SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS offers the right tools, networks and methods which will facilitate this labour

Communication & Training

Sustainable Communication

We help organizations to transmit and echo their messages and product’s benefits. Communication should take into account effective communication goals, audiences, key messages, communication channels and a means of measuring the effectiveness of the communication tactics used.


As part of our awareness sustainable strategy, we offer on-site and on-line training courses adapted to the needs of individuals and organizations with the objective to promote, disseminate and transfer knowledge that could be commercially applied in their professional fields and at the same time creating a bigger culture for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

About Us

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This is the place where engineers, researchers, environmentalist, business and communication experts have finally met. Such pationated mix, together with our clients, could only generate ambition and great ideas. Our job consists in bringing forward those sustainable ideas into profitable and environmentally friendly business models. We are experts on research to market, business strategies and sustainable communication methods. We help organizations to promote their innovations under a sustainable and circular economy thinking

Team Leader

Jesus Serrano

Jesús Serrano

Sustainability and Innovation Manager

Ana Dubois

Ana Dubois

Strategy & Marketing Manager

Santiago Torres

Santiago Torres – Torija

Capacity Building Manager

Mariana Fernández

Mariana Fernández

Communication Manager

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